You've arrived at the "About" section of Fly, Robot! Fly!.
This means one of three things:
     1) You've literally reached the end of the Internet.
     2) You saw this URL scrawled on the wall of a women's room off the 5.
     3) You need someone to write something, design something, fix your website, make a zombie diorama, or make you laugh and/or cry.
If number 1, I suggest going back to Reddit/r/new and just hitting refresh over and over. If number 2, send pix. If number 3, let's talk. Go take a look at my portfolio or my website. Kick the tires. Have a drink. Really take it in. Then email me a list of demands requests and we'll talk. I work cheap, relatively speaking. The biggest challenge will be my time. I am but one man—a great, talented, handsome man with perfect eyebrows and great eyes—but a man nonetheless. But if I have the time, and you have the cash, we can boogie. Link to my email right down there at the bottom.